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MEDIA PREDICTS 2013 – My First Professional Networking Opportunity

While attending college at the University of Oregon, I was involved in every extracurricular activity I could find–including the student-run PR firm and magazine, as well as the advertising club, on-campus internships, and PRSSA. I did this all while working part time and going to school full time. Involvement in these activities greatly improved my college experience since I was able to network with peers and challenge myself outside my college course curriculum.

Since graduating in June I’ve looked for new opportunities within professional organizations while interning at Fleishman-Hillard.

Through my involvement with the PRSSA, I was already somewhat familiar with the benefits of the organization. Yet MEDIA PREDICTS 2013 was the first PRSA event I had attended. I was fortunate to be asked to help promote the event by developing social media content.

I had never attended any media panels or professional conferences before MEDIA PREDICTS 2013 and it was much more than I expected. To be surrounded by so many smart communications professionals who were eager and happy to speak with me was the opportunity of a lifetime. And, I truly enjoyed hearing the speaker honorees’ insightful predictions for the coming year.

Here are some of my key takeaways from MEDIA PREDICTS 2013:


  • In terms of mobile, Facebook is just an app, and needs to become a platform in order to stick around long term. – Ina Fried
  • The algorithm for Facebook needs to be improved because the news feed is becoming uninteresting. – Nicole Perlroth


  • The next great mobile device with strong security features is probably going to come from some company we’ve never heard of. But for 2013, “we’re screwed” in terms of security. – Scott Budman
  • Security is going mobile. Small start-ups in mobile are closer to locking down security than larger companies, and there is no longer a future in anti-virus software. – Ina Fried


  • Big venture capitalist successes will be in the enterprise with social, mobile, analytics and cloud. While big tech advances are going to start happening in “boring” places, like banking. – Maryfran Johnson
  • In terms of the fiscal cliff impacting enterprise, people are going to be more likely to look at cloud options, and data center spending will decrease. – Maryfran Johnson


  • Financial companies are going to start buying location based companies. – Maryfran Johnson
  • Companies are consolidating more, larger companies like Oracle and HP will continue to buy smaller startups – Jordan Robertson


Julianne Rowe, @jrowe03


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