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PRSA Silicon Valley Launches New Diversity Video Series: “Dose of Diversity”

Sahana Jayaraman is of Indian decent and works on social brand strategy in San Francisco.

PRSA Silicon Valley acknowledges the importance of having a strong, diverse community with members of mixed race, gender, ethnicity and sexual-orientation.

Raising awareness about diversity concepts, attracting more diverse group members, and providing PR/business professional development and support to all is key to our mission as a chapter. Diversity brings different perspectives and sparks new conversation which is essential in order to be a well-rounded public relations professional. For that reason we have developed a new outlet for our diverse group members to share their stories with the wider community.

PRSA SV is delighted to introduce a new diversity video series titled, “Dose of Diversity.”

This new outlet will allow business professionals in and outside of our community to showcase their personal professional development, share what makes them unique and diverse within their communities and industries, and provide insights which will be invaluable for our members who aspire to progress in their professional careers.

As a diverse chapter, we bring together different experiences and knowledge in order to collaborate and generate new ideas. Help support the cause! If you’d like to be featured on our video series, please contact Vanessa Villatoro and let us learn a little bit about you!

Interview Questions:

  • Name
  • Title, Company, Industries/Focus
  • Previous work experience/ education
  • Cultural background/How do you celebrate your diversity?
  • How do you feel your race, gender, ethnicity and sexual-orientation has affected/helped you/made an impact in your professional career?
  • Why do you love public relations/communications?



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