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Re/Code Reaching To Be Most Read Tech Site

by Chris Blake, Senior Account Executive for FleishmanHillard

chris blakePRSA Silicon Valley hosted the Re/code editorial team on Thursday at Trulia’s offices in San Francisco.

The Re/code editorial team lit up the room with their excitement for the future of the publication and technology journalism.

Re/code Co-Founder and Co-Executive Editor, Kara Swisher said the publication wants to continue to be a trusted source for news. They want to write stories that provide companies with a fair shake. The development of more events, video footage and podcasts will also be a top focus.

Swisher even hinted at the potential of a Re/code Netflix show. What a cool idea!

The panel made up of seven members of the publication’s editorial team was full of energy and thrilled with the momentum they’ve made since transitioning from AllThingsD to their independent publishing model.

Marketo’s Head of Global Communications, Mike Moeller, moderated the panel. Re/code writers on site included Swisher, Ina Fried (covers mobile), Eric Johnson (covers video games industry), James Temple (covers intersection of tech, science and health), Nellie Bowles (covers culture and trends), Liz Gannes (covers startups and innovation), and Joe Brown (Editor for features and curated content).

Since Re/code’s transition, they feel they have a great ability to expand into new areas. They can hire new members for the editorial staff, all while providing the same quality journalism readers expected from AllThingsD.

At the same time, they are having more fun! Swisher said they want each of the staff reporters to create and highlight their own personalities through their writing. It’s time for them to expand big ideas even further.

Swisher sees Re/code as a 12-year startup. They are trying to find new ways to tell stories while keeping up ethical values. The publication has minority shareholders like NBC.

Ina Fried touched on how big media organizations are still really challenged. While technology is one of best covered sectors, she also pointed out that making journalism a business globally remains a challenge.
Temple brought up the idea that it’s interesting as a reader we have more options than ever before to find content we can relate to. He said it’s one of the most exciting times to be a journalist in decades.
Journalism is still very much evolving, and the Re/code staff is optimistic for the future of journalism.

The publication wants to have a solid mix of voices. In fact, they have a curated content section called Voices. Brown said he’s receiving up to 10 to 30 op-ed ideas idea. He also mentioned PR professionals should think about whether we would read an article before pitching a story line. We should think about whether a topic is really interesting and offers a unique perspective.

Re/code wants to cover the spectrum of the technology industry. The publication will cover the people leading businesses, and people using technology. They want to examine how technology affects people.
At some point Re/code will post more sponsored content, but they will make it clear what is sponsored.

The staff finds ideas from a variety of sources including Reddit. They said it’s important for PR professionals to think through stories and not to just promote the newest widget.

Gannes said technology is not just a business story or a pitch story, but an everywhere story.

Re/code reporters want to build the best possible narratives. They place a lot of trust in their reporters, and unlike many big media companies, try to avoid “drive by editing.”

The staff wants to find stories that bring technology to life. In order to do that, they’ve brought together a strong editorial staff that is split 50/50 male and female. Re/code plans to continue to promote its diversity.

The staff continues to focus on the innovation stemming from the San Francisco Bay Area, but Swisher emphasized there is a lot of technology culture and innovation happening outside of Silicon Valley. Swisher termed this “Innovation Nation.”

Re/code aims to be the go-to tech website the technology industry has to read, and likes to read.






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